Innovative and Unique - the new uridan Technology.

uridan waterless urinals are more hygienic than conventional flushing urinals. While the moist environment of conventional urinals encourages the development of bacteria and fungi, the uridan solution provides a dry environment that prevents the buildup of unpleasant bacteria and odors.

How it works?

Ongoing research and development has led to today’s superior uridan design. The heart of the uridan urinal is the unique waste trap that works with uriLOCK, uridan’s biodegradable odor blocking fluid. UriLOCK is lighter than urine, remaining on the surface of the waste trap to create a liquid seal. While urine flows directly into the sewer system below, uriLOCK’s liquid seal prevents sewer odors from entering into the room above.

What’s new?

» Fast, odorless, and non-contact maintenance thanks to new technology
» No unnecessary opening of the waste trap
» Maintenance in just 10 seconds
» Absolutely water-free maintenance

Explainer Video

We offer simplicity. With less costs and less effort.

The cost–efficiency of the Uridan urinal becomes apparent with its simple installation. Uridan urinals do not require water, complex plumbing, electrical flush mechanisms, sensors, or any associated fittings. Just pour the uriLOCK blocking fluid over the cover and the urinal is immediately ready for operation again.



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Our patented, biodegradable blocking fluid ensures that your uridan urinal remains completely odorless, operating without the need for costly sealants or chemical additives.

  • Pour uriLOCK blocking fluid directly over the cover.
  • Refill around every 3 months.

Functional, Remarkable, and Easy - The uridan Hygiene System.

Daily Cleaning

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uridan can be cleaned very simply with the aid of uriCLEAN. Simply spray the urinal surface with uriCLEAN and the lotus effect prevents any adhesion of urine drops, causing them to simply roll off.

  • Spray uriCLEAN on the cover and surface.
  • Leave for a moment to react
  • Clean by brushing in a circular motion with a conventional brush.
  • Polish the outer and inner surface in circular motion with the uriCLOTH cleaning cloth.

Say Goodbye to heavy and persistent dirt and deposits!

Deep Cleaner

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uriSTRONG is the cleaner for very heavy and persistent dirt and deposits in sanitary areas. uriSTRONG also removes lime and calcification. The recommended application is 1 to 2 times a year.

  • Pour 5 to 10 liters of water directly over the cover.
  • Lift cover with sucker.
  • Mix uriSTRONG with warm water as indicated in the instructions.
    1:20 to 1:10
  • Pour the diluted uriSTRONG solution into the urinal, allowing 5 to 30 minutes of exposure time.
  • Rinse using 10 liters of cold water.
  • Insert the cover and pour uriLOCK over the cover.